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When coffee chooses the tumbler over the cup, and is not joined by milk but by ice and moderate amounts of spirits, you get Coffeetails, the exclusive signature Lavazza coffee-based cocktail creations.
E-Tonic is an espresso tonic, Lavazza Coffeetail style, which interweaves aromas in a balancing act between substance and appearance. The tonic water with gin is replaced by a delicate essence of juniper sprayed onto the drink with two sticks of fresh ginger.
A very short espresso is added to ensure an optimal balance of flavours.

Nuvola Spritz
Lavazza and Campari, two authentic Italian icons together to offer an experience out of conventions, that reinterprets tradition with creativity and originality.
The Nuvola Spritz, twist on the most widespread choice as an aperitif, whose name is inspired by the new Lavazza Nuvola headquarters in Turin, which is remembered by a suggestive «air cloud» of spices and citrus fruits.
In the Coffeetail Nuvola Spritz, the Aperol is enriched with soda and Lavazza Cold Brew, the cold-extracted coffee with an intense aroma, and finished with an air of Grand Marnier and spices, and roastedcoffee-flavor.
Passion Me
Is an innovative soft drink developed with Ferran Adrià in 2004, in which passion fruit pulp, mint, ginger beer, vodka and Lavazza cold brew coffee are combined to make a surprising cocktail with an exotic flavour.

Coffee Sbagliato
Taking a cue from the "wrong negroni" we have created a refreshing aromatic recipe with the use of our floss cold brew that can be savored in combination with the typical aperitif snacks.
Drawing inspiration from the Moscow mule recipe, we crossed the flavours of cucumber, lime and vodka with the fruity aroma of Lavazza Floss, obtaining a perfect balance of flavours.
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